Brunches & Dragons

Ancient History Pt. 2

And “poof” they were gone. The group had been given a quest by the red hooded woman…Kara, Kylie, Katrina? I’m bad with names. We got ourselves out of the cave and took off back to town with a mission to find some rogue, serial-killing Druids for Katinka and her group. Frankly, it’s nice to have a fairly straight forward “find bad guys, bring them back or kill them” mission. I don’t do well with complicated people. Machines, armor, swords…those make sense. People are a lot harder. I think that’s why me and new buddy Bardook get along so well. He keeps referring to me as an “inferior species” but that’s because the Dragonborn made him that way. It’s not his fault. Besides, Katie said her boss might be able to get rid of the tracking curse the damn Rovani stuck on me.

So we headed back to town and decided to investigate these serial-killing, possibly ancient, probably magical Druids. The little kid ran off somewhere, so I guess I’ll fix his armor later. He seemed smart, but I don’t know why he’s running around fighting monsters at such a young age. Solange went to fix her boat in case we need it again (I like her, but her bird keeps giving me weird looks like it wants to eat me). Our group’s employer went off to study the paperwork that we found in the cave. It seemed like a lot of weird, flowery poetry, but the guy seems smart, so we assumed he might find a clue. That new guy Etienne went off to talk to some contacts…but more on that in a bit.

I talked to some merchants, got nothing from them except a new order Jax the Farmer for some horseshoes. I got more out of the inn owner and Etienne confirmed that there have been some robberies and killings, mostly related to magical artifacts. So of course that somehow involved us going to see Old Auntie again. I hate that old lady. I swear she’s gonna get me killed on day. She drank our blood, gave us more information about the magical items in town, and told me that to reverse the Rovani tracking curse, I need to get someone in the family to renounce it…but they’re all dead (not my fault!)

Except they’re not all dead, because freaking Etienne is a freaking Rovani!! I know, I’m skipping ahead, but I can’t help it. The man is from the same baby-snatching crazies who are trying to kill me! And I’m supposed to trust him in a fight?!

Anyway, from Old Auntie’s we headed to the jail, where I somehow ended up talking us into the holding cells where we got info from a Rovani thief about her next score of magical items. We headed to a big manor outside of town and happened upon two Druids trying to kill the family of the house (they shot me with a freaking crossbow, the bastards). We kicked the rogue Druid’s asses, killed one, and got some info out of the other. Oh, and I saved my Rovani “friend’s” life. Maybe he won’t stab me in the back now.

…and then the Jacks showed up…

Why can’t the mission be simple?!


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