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Ancient History pt. 1

From the journal of √Čtienne Gry:

Day 74.

After months of searching, I finally have a lead. I had almost given up finding the fiends that killed my kin, but now… now there’s hope that they’ll have justice.

I had spent most of the harvest festival in a bar pretending to lose at cards and watching the crowds. Some of the big winners had the air of more than the usual rabble. A smith, a pirate, a kid and a bookworm. The bookworm pitched us on some kind of treasure run. I figured it good for a little cash to replenish the coffers to keep the search going.

Turns out I was a bit too lucky. The Rovani were already chasing these fools. They burned down the bar and we barely managed to escape, the Rovani hot on their heels. Some other family. They won’t know me from Gadjo, and would probably kill me along with them. So my best option was to stick with these cretins, help them escape, and make my move when the time is right.

Meanwhile, my suspicions were confirmed. The pirate admitted that the boat was stolen from the murderd family, and the smith even confessed to killing them. Supposedly there were more than these two, but I’ll take what I can find.

What followed was an aquatic dungeon crawl that boiled down to a series of failed attempts at getting these fools killed. We found a submerged storage room that was (unfortunately) not trapped, and a haunted suit of armor that is not nearly as cursed as it first appeared. We found a statue that was clearly trapped, and somehow this “smith” knew how to speak a thousand-year-old dead language to fool it. Even the trap they did set off barely seemed to singe them. We even came across a room with an amazing Dionaea macrocollum, which, when disturbed, failed at successfully eating anyone.

However, the treasure hunt proved fruitful. We found some golden statue thing that I have a 24% stake in, and a sealed vault which promises more treasure if we an open it. There’s also some kind of evil sect of druids on the loose. Stopping them seems more important than revenge, for now, so I guess my “companions” have earned a temporary reprieve.

Also, I should probably stop writing in this journal. Someone’s bound to find it one day, and that would be… awkward.


Well, this is about to get interesting! :)

Ancient History pt. 1
Ryrok Ryrok

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